11 October 2017
Creation of 4 magic boxes for the windows of the Chanel Boutique Avenue Montaigne during the Vendanges Montaigne event. Agency : Gilbert Desveaux Productions for Le Public Systeme.
9 October 2017
What : Writing, creation and direction of the magic effects. Where : Shanghai World Expo 2010 – Pavillon France – Espace Louis Vuitton. Audience : 12 Millions visitors at Pavilion France during 6 months. 6000 spectators per hour. Artistic Direction : Benoit Munoz.   A huge thank you to Antoine Jarrier and la Direction du […]
7 October 2017
La Haute Maroquinerie.   La Haute Joaillerie.   La Haute Horlogerie. What : Hand acting Co-creation and performance of the magic effects Agency : Fighting Fish – Groupe Quad Directed by : No Brushing Broadcast : Digital worldwide Photos : Nuno Neves  
3 October 2017
The first human and car levitation, totally surrounded, in full light. “Floating on air” by Stefan Leyshon for Citroen. Auto China Show Beijing 23 april 2012 – 02 may 2012 Following the success of the “Magic Carpet Experience” in Frankfurt, Citroën offers me a great new adventure … Go further? Transforming the installation into performance? […]
3 October 2017
A fun idea: Illustrate the concept of Floating Carpet for Citroën … I suggest to put a C5 Car in suspension, motionless, at 1 m from the ground. The wheels turn in the air and it remains stable. Interaction with the visitor ? He can activate a buzzer that creates a laser beam towards the […]
10 January 2017
The first entertainment concept specifically dedicated to luxury hospitality. Created and produced by Katell Sevestre and Stefan Leyshon.     “It’s a Parisian Ballroom show : astonishing, universal, tailor-made, fast and direct. The guests are invited to feel they are the only people to witness a unique moment. They are literally immerged in the experience. In the […]
12 September 2015
  What : Creation and performance of the magic effects with lipstick. Directed by : Bettina Rheims
20 August 2015
What : Reveal of the new H&M Flagship – The red ribbon slowly and dramatically reveals the building. Where : Nice – France Agency : Athem When : August 2015