Dîner Secret

Dîner Secret

10 January 2017
in Creation

The first entertainment concept specifically dedicated to luxury hospitality.

Created and produced by Katell Sevestre and Stefan Leyshon.



It’s a Parisian Ballroom show : astonishing, universal, tailor-made, fast and direct. The guests are invited to feel they are the only people to witness a unique moment. They are literally immerged in the experience.

In the centre of the room, on a brightly-lit circular glass stage, during an intimate dinner, a glamorous girl appears, then levitates in the magician’s arms. The audience’s thoughts will be predicted and appear in a Louis Vuitton trunk and the desired drinks will be poured from a Baccarat crystal carafe, to end with a fountain of champagne for all guests…

More than a dinner, more than a show, it’s an experience.

Welcome, this is Dîner Secret…”